ABN Universal kayak carrier

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ABN Universal kayak carrier

Welcome to our review of the ABN Universal kayak carrier, designed to transport kayaks, canoes, paddleboards, float mats and jon boats…


The ABN Universal kayak carrier fits the entry level category when it comes to kayak carts. As expected in this price range, materials and design are not as robust or intuitive as some more expensive models. The ABN cart is a fairly generic design, a simple, no frills cart made from anodised steel with pneumatic tires at an entry level price tag.
There is no adjustment which means it will only fit a specific hull shape well so if you are considering this I would recommend researching whether or not it will fit your hull shape.
This is a popular cart but it does have fairly mixed reviews.



This kayak cart’s frame is stated as being made of durable high-strength anodized steel?
As anodising is used mostly on aluminium and is not a suitable process for iron or carbon steel I can only assume they mean aluminium. I have reached out to ABN for clarification but have not received a response yet.
If you are interested in how the anodising process works and which metals it is suited to, the UK company Metal Finishings Ltd have some good info.
The ABN kayak cart is lightweight at only 8 lbs , it folds down for storage and the wheels can be quickly removed using the lynch pin.

The over- sized bumper pads are not adjustable and so some playing around to figure out the best positioning is required. Once again, it pays to know the profile of the hull of your kayak to see if it would work with your needs.

The spring- loaded kickstand is very helpful when trying to load your kayak alone and the 12” tie downs are good for everything except the wider style kayaks and canoes, so I would expect to invest in some longer ratchet straps considering the size some fishing kayaks.


The ABN Universal kayak carrier has inflatable knobby tires which are good for most surfaces but can struggle in thick sand. To be fair though, most kayak carts are not especially happy in thick soft sand, unless you have wheels especially designed for that situation. The wheels measure 9-½” and are easily removed, should you want to fit them into your kayak hatch. 

There is a pretty recurrent theme about the tires- they initially smell nasty, so prepare to open the package in advance and let them air out.


This cart has a 200 lb weight capacity, and since the angle of the bumper pads is not adjustable, there are no other numbers of note. 


The ABN kayak cart has a folding frame design which works using spring loaded bolt. This unfortunately has the potential to collapse while in use if it’s not fixed firmly enough. There are of course plenty of DIY solutions out there that address this issue though.
It can be as simple as making two foam covered pieces of timber, notched to fit over the open frame, therefore creating a bunk style carrier.

As we have mentioned, this is a fixed position kayak cart and therefore will suit a smaller number of hull shapes than an adjustable cart. Again, some DIY modifications designed to suit your particular setup are an option if you want to go down that route.

The cart one has a kick stand on one side only which is much less supportive than the double kickstand design.


At this price range I would suggest the Bonnlo kayak cart which is a similar design but features an aluminium frame and has better reviews.
Click here for our Bonnlo kayak cart review.

Alternatively, if you are looking for a scupper hole mounted kayak cart check out the GanFindX quick detachable stainless steel sit on top kayak cart.
Click here for our GanFindX quick detachable stainless steel kayak cart review.


The ABN universal kayak carrier is at a good price point and many people love it but I am a bit weary of this cart for fishing kayaks. The sheer width and weight of our kayaks combined with a fixed angle cart do not necessarily work well together. 

This cart would not work for our kayaks without significant modification, so whilst some people love it, I would suggest carefully considering the shape of your kayak’s hull before you made this purchase. 

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