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Bonnlo Kayak Cart

Welcome to our review of the Bonnlo kayak cart, another contender in the budget friendly fixed angle kayak carts category.


I found the Bonnlo kayak cart to be a popular option for those not wanting to spend too much on a cart, providing it fits your hull shape.

This is a fixed position kayak cart with a fairly low angle V profile which means there are a limited number of hull shapes that it will work well with. A shallow v or rounded profile hull would be a better fit than a kayak with a deep v or pronounced keel.
To see whether a specific cart will potentially suit your kayak depends on you knowing the profile of your kayaks hull, weight and sometimes width. 
With these fixed angle carts, it becomes even more important. Whilst one could argue that any shaped hull will work as it is going to be strapped down tightly, the reality is that with fewer actual points of contact between the cart and your kayak, the more likely your kayak is to twist and fall out of the cart along the way to the water. This is infuriating, so do your best to make sure before you spend the money.

People will often modify their carts to suit their kayak so if you are pretty handy and want to save some money this is definitely an option.



The frame is built of 20mm x 2mm aluminium pipe with boat dolly foam bumpers to protect your kayak, and rubber bumpers on the feet to protect the frame.

The frame can fold down and the wheels can be taken off if you want to store it in your kayak. The folding down is achieved with the use of spring bolts. Unfortunately the folding down action is also possible when travelling and hitting something like a rock, so it is suggested that tightening the bolts helps stop this happening.

The cart has a double kickstand for greater stability- very useful especially when loading the kayak by yourself.


The airless wheels are of a large diameter- 10” and are 3” wide, helping the cart run smoothly over various terrain. The wheels can be dismantled easily for transport too.


There seems to be a bit of confusion over the capacity of this kayak cart, some say 200 lbs and some say 165 lbs. Personally I would go with the 165 lb amount as that is what it says on the manufacturers website. 


To make the kayak cart more transportable the frame is designed to be collapsible which works utilising spring loaded bolts. Though this is great idea for some it unfortunately means that it has the potential to collapse while in use if it’s not fixed firmly enough. There are of course plenty of DIY solutions out there that address this issue.
It can be as simple as two foam covered pieces of wood, notched to fit over the open frame therefore creating a bunk style carrier.

As we have mentioned, this is a fixed position kayak cart and therefore will suit a smaller number of hull shapes than an adjustable cart.


If you have money to spend and are needing a heavy duty kayak cart, check out the Wilderness Systems heavy duty kayak cart. It has an extremely large load capacity, 450 lbs. The frame material is marine-grade, high-strength, heat-treated aluminium alloy making it a good choice for salt water exposure.
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The GanFindX Heavy Duty Kayak Cart is also a good option for those on a budget.
Featuring a weight capacity of 220 lb, it has ‘no-flat’ wheels and it’s width is adjustable (up to 14.6”).
The aluminium frame is detachable and collapsable for easier transport. 
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The NZ made Railblaza C Tug kayak cart, though more expensive is another popular option. All corrosion resistant materials make it a good option for salt water environments, easy and tool free assembly and disassembly, puncture free wheels with standard or SandTrakz options to choose from.
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The Bonnlo universal kayak carrier is a well made cart with a 165 lb weight limit. The strong, light frame folds away when not in use and the double kickstand provides a stable base on which to attach your kayak.

I would make sure that the profile of your kayak fits the cart well, otherwise the potential for the cart to fold itself up when you are using it is high in my opinion. If it fits both the profile and within the weight limit, this could be a very handy, affordable cart.

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