C.E. Smith Multi-Sport Trailer

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C.E. Smith Multi-Sport Trailer Review

Let’s review the C.E. Smith Multi-sport Trailer.

As I looked through the options for sports trailers I was really looking for affordability, quality and usefulness. This is another trailer which ticks all the boxes, especially as a single kayak trailer.

CE Smith prides itself on its intelligent design and quality manufacturing, and this is apparent in this trailer. Whilst the CE Smith Multi Sport Trailer is suitable for up to 2 kayaks it excels as a single kayak trailer, especially for a short heavy fishing kayak.


Fits up to 2 kayaks
Max kayak length 12 ft
800 lb load capacity
Hitch 2″ receiver
Galvanized steel frame
Length 11′ 8″
Width 54″
5 ft adjustable carpeted bunk boards
Weight 200 lb
DOT approved lights


The Multi Sport trailer comes in price wise quite similar to the Malone EcoLight but has twice the load capacity. If you want various options for your trailer set up, then consider the Malone EcoLight, but if you need a simple, solid, reliable trailer that can handle the weight of your kayak or small boat with ease, the CE Smith trailer could be perfect.


The CE Smith Multi Sport trailer has a galvanized steel frame and 8” galvanized wheels rated for highway speeds.  Galvanized steel is a great material for a trailer as it provides much more resistance to rust meaning that your trailer will last a long time- provided you maintain it.


This is a great light, basic fishing kayak trailer with very handy 5 ft long adjustable bunk boards allowing you to tow anything from a v shaped hull to a flat surface. The bunk boards are covered in marine grade carpet, protecting your kayak from scratches. They can be fitted either across the length or the width of your trailer, which would mean you could carry 2 kayaks with the same pair.

The trailer comes with 2 sets of brackets to allow great adjustment to the bunks, not just their angle but also their height above the trailer base so that you can clear the fenders should you need that space.

The MultiSport trailer can accommodate 2 kayaks up to 12’ long and has a solid 800lb weight capacity. Those chunky fishing kayaks are not going to be a problem here- it’s a really handy trailer. If everything else is perfect for you, but the length, you can purchase the extra long trailer tongue. This allows you to transport kayaks up to 14” in length. 

The C.E. Smith multi-sport trailer comes with a winch stand, winch, hook and strap. The winch stand can be mounted anywhere along the tongue to suit your kayak, and is also adjustable height wise.

Another advantage to being able to position the winch stand where you like is that it also helps balance the load. The hand crank winch is a useful addition, especially at the end of a long day on the water.

The lights are fully submersible so you can happily back the trailer into the water. This feature, along with the winch, take away so much of the heavy lifting normally associated with kayaking. 

C.E. Smith Multi-Sport Trailer – Conclusion

The C.E. Smith Multisport trailer is a well built, useful trailer for up to 2 kayaks with a solid 800lb weight limit. The simplicity and weight limit make this an ideal single fishing kayak trailer.
The bunk boards are very adjustable so can fit a wide variety of crafts and with the galvanized frame, submersible lights and winch, this trailer can head into salt or fresh water and take away so much of the heavy lifting normally associated with the transport of fishing kayaks or indeed any water sports.

For a simple kayak trailer with a large load capacity for those shorter heavy fishing kayaks check out the C.E. Smith Multi-sport Trailer.

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