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Railblaza C Tug kayak cart

Welcome to our review of the New Zealand made Railblaza C tug kayak cart which is suitable for kayaks, canoes, paddleboards and surf boards. 

There once was a man who was smug
He’d just bought a cart named c tug
His cares went away
All in one day
Now his kayak is a breeze to lug

We bought our C Tug kayak cart when we bought our kayaks, and like all kayak carts, I recommend setting aside some time to test and try different positions to figure out the best way to tie down and maneuver your craft.

We have the standard wheels on ours which is great for a lot of terrain but they do get bogged down when travelling over thick fine sand which is plentiful on a lot of New Zealand beaches. The good news is that Railblaza do produce the very cleverly designed SandTrakz Wheels for the c tug kayak cart which are specifically made for soft sand. They fit onto the standard frame, and can be purchased separately, so if you wanted to you could have both sets of wheels at your disposal.


Before we consider the many clever design features and see whether this cart might work for you, let’s do a quick overview…

The NZ made Railblaza C Tug kayak cart is a uniquely designed cart constructed from UV resistant, non-corroding plastics and stainless steel so it won’t rust. It is able to help transport crafts of most hull shapes up to 260 lbs. The standard wheels are more general purpose with high grip rubber tread and you never need to worry about a puncture again. If you are going to need to transport your kayak frequently through soft sand I would suggest you consider the Sandtrakz wheels which are designed to handle soft surfaces more effectively.

The c tug kayak cart is quick to assemble and take apart, small enough to fit into the some fishing kayak hatches and sturdy enough to cope with up to 260lbs. I approve!


Adjustable hull pads

The C Tug kayak cart has adjustable hull pads which suit most hull shapes, including Wilderness, Ocean Kayak, Old Town, Viking, Hobie, FeelFree, NuCanoe and Jackson. They are non scratch and have a grippy surface, helping to keep your craft in contact with the cart. The distance between the pads is up to 19” and they are adjustable up to nearly 45 degrees so there is potential to create a snug fit to your kayak. 

Tool free assembly

The whole cart clips together in a clever design which does not require tools (but which might require a youtube tutorial). It is quick and easy once you know how and if the hatch of your kayak is large enough, you can store the c-tug in your kayak. We need to take the wheels off the axle to fit it into our kayaks but that is easily and quickly done.


The ctug kayak cart is cleverly built from durable, non-corroding plastic with stainless steel reinforced axles. This means that it is not going to rust and is strong, without being heavy. The unit weighs about 10lbs, so it is a realistic option to take it with you out on the water.


The wheels are puncture free and high grip with rubber tread. The standard wheels have a diameter of 10.3” and the SandTrakz wheels have a diameter of 12.3”. This is useful to know in relation to the size of the hatch on your kayak. They also do not float which is an advantage when you are assembling the cart in the water, but is also a disadvantage should you accidentally drop one.

The wheels also feature replaceable bushes, which are the green inserts that the axle goes through. I think these are a great design feature as the axle/wheel junction can be problematic with the amount of friction that is generated at that junction something will eventually have to give so having a sacrificial, replaceable part is clever.
Some may ask, why not bearings? My answer is; Sandy environments and bearings don’t play well together. Even sealed bearings are not fool proof where sand is concerned. Kayak carts are generally designed for short trips at low speeds, i.e. walking so including bearings in the design add cost, weight and the potential for failure which I’m pretty sure nobody really wants.

Strap and kickstand

The c tug also comes with a 9” heavy duty buckled strap and an adjustable kickstand. Our kickstand is still working well, but if you look at reviews it soon becomes apparent that this can be an area of weakness and it has been known to snap off. Another issue can be the strap which some people struggled to use. If that is the case, it is fairly easy to simply use other straps. It is recommended that if you have a wide kayak, you fit the strap closer to the end of the craft which is obviously narrower.


The popular Wilderness Systems Heavy Duty Kayak Cart is a great option for those needing extra weight carrying capacity. It boasts a huge 450 lb weight limit and is a very robust kayak cart. It doesn’t come cheap but it’s tough and versatile with multiple adjustment points and a marine grade aluminium frame. That said, it can be a little fiddly to disassemble and as I mentioned earlier, it is quite pricey.
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Another option for freshwater kayakers is the Suspenz All Terrain Super Duty Airless Cart. It is comparative pricewise to the Wilderness Systems cart and has a decent 300 lb capacity. This cart has great wheel clearance and airless tires too. Another feature is the spring-loaded kickstand to make loading by yourself easier. There is plenty of adjustment available too.
A caution here though is the frame material- it’s powder coated steel, so I wouldn’t recommend this for salt water use. 
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For cheaper options…

The GanFindX Heavy Duty Kayak Cart is a much cheaper kayak cart, a good option for those on a budget.
Featuring a weight capacity of 220 lb, it has ‘no-flat’ wheels and it’s width is adjustable (up to 14.6”).
The aluminium frame is detachable and collapsable for easier transport. 
If your kayak and gear are going to be within this weight limit then this cart may be a good alternative for you.
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I would also suggest comparing the Bonnlo kayak cart which is a simple fixed position kayak cart.
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C Tug Kayak Cart Summary

The Railblaza C Tug kayak cart is an innovative piece of equipment, sturdy and light, easy assembled and disassembled without tools in seconds.
Its adjustable hull pads allow for a snug fit against your kayak and its puncture free wheels are good on most surfaces.

If you regularly need to navigate deeper soft sand to access your fishing spots then the Railblaza C Tug with SandTrakz wheels would be your best option, otherwise the standard no puncture wheels are a pretty good all rounder.

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