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Kids Fishing Kayak

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When the time comes for them to move from your kayak to their own, it’s important to find the right kayak to suit their ability which will keep them interested and enjoying themselves.
A kayak too big or heavy could prove too much of a challenge, taking away enjoyment rather than adding to it.

We believe there is no ‘best kid’s fishing kayak’ or ‘best kid’s kayak’ because what is best for my child and situation is going to be different from what is best for you and your child. Therefore we have listed below some great options for kid’s kayaks below. Some are specific kid’s kayaks and some are bigger but may still suit your needs. 

Feel free to check out our top tips below

Recommended Kids Fishing Kayaks

(Beginners to advanced)

Value for money…


Weight 19lb
Length  6ft
Width 2ft
Capacity 130lb

The most affordable in our line up, the Lifetime Wave 6ft, is simple and effective, a great option for those little ones exploring kayaking. 
Designed for ages 5 and up or up to 130lbs. Featuring a wide, stable hull with a cleverly designed sloped stern which allows for easy re-entry. Great for those summer months when more swimming goes on than fishing!
Not for the hardcore angler but perfect for those looking for an entry level kids kayak and at a very reasonible price, especially for the younger ones.

Lifetime also produces the Dash 66, a  6ft 6in kayak with a similar design if you’re looking for something a little bigger.

For the budding angler…


Weight 38lb
Length  8ft 5in
Width 29.5in
Capacity 225lb

The Lifetime Hydros Angler Fishing Kayak is a great option for the budding angler, Especially the younger ones. Though bigger than the Lifetime Wave it is still small and light enough to be maneuverable for the young ones. 
It’s tunnel hull design provides stability and tracking and for the angler it features three rod holders, two flush mount and one adjustable.
At the stern there is a tankwell for your fishing crate. Strap it on with the bungee supplied and you’re good to go.

One for the little ones who are serious about taking it further…
feel free move angler kayak


Weight 42lb
Length  9ft
Width 29.75in
Capacity 242lb

For younger more serious anglers you may want to consider the Feelfree Move Angler.
Based on their ‘Move’ recreational kayak  this 9ft craft is perfect for kids and smaller paddlers getting into  kayak fishing.
Feelfree’s patented Wheel in the Keel makes maneuvering much easier, even for the younger paddler. Having a max capacity of 242lb means there is plenty of buoyancy for all the gear.
Two flush mount rod holders with leashes, a rear tankwell with bungee tie downs, a drink holder and front hatch round out the features on this model.

A larger size, lightweight option...


Weight 44lb
Length  9ft 6in
Width 30in
Capacity 275lb

Next on the list is the Pelican Sentinel 100x Angler.  At 9ft 6in it’s definitely a step up from the previous two and would suit a child with some paddling competence or an older child/youth.

The Sentinel features a multi chine hull to ensure a stable ride, a removable storage compartment, adjustable footrests, paddle holders and even a spot for your phone.

For the angler it has two flush mount rod holders, front and rear tankwells with bungee to secure your load. 

At 44lb it’s very light for its size making it an attractive option.

If you’re looking for a sit-in option we can recommend the


Weight 38lb
Length 9ft 6in
Width 28in
Capacity 300lb

Described as value packed and feature rich we think they are on the money. At 9ft 6in and weighing 38lb this is a very manageable kayak on and off the water. 

Featuring leg padding, adjustable footrests and seat back to dial in comfort, a tri-keel hull for smooth efficient travel. Also having the option to stand and fish is definitely an arrow in the quiver for this kayak.

For the kayak angler it features two flush mount rod holders, a rear tankwell with bungee and two ‘Solo Mount’ recesses for accessories. The recesses fit the Perception Solo Mount Base which is a ram ball that comes in either 1in or 1.5in allowing you to customise your fishing experience. You can purchase them at Amazon here 

Remember, for safety we highly recommend purchasing some float bags for sit-in kayaks, these go in the bow/stern. If the kayak takes on water these will provide buoyancy keeping the kayak on the surface of the water rather than under it.

For those with older kids looking for a purpose built fishing kayak but can’t afford the price tag of the next two, we would recommend the …


Weight 56.5lb
Length 10ft
Width 31in
Capacity 275lb

These are popular boats and great value for money. Though not a ‘kids fishing kayak’ this would suit an older more competent child.

Featuring an adjustable seat back, molded in footrests, a rear tank well and two covered hatches.

They also come with three rod holders, two flushmount and one adjustable to give you plenty of options.

For the older child who is serious about their kayak fishing and is looking for a quality fishing kayak to grow into, we believe you can’t go wrong with either of these two kayaks.


Weight 57lb
Length 10ft 4in
Width 31in
Capacity 353lb


Weight 57lb
Length 10ft 6in
Width 32in
Capacity 325lb

Why have we chosen these two?

  • Both are time tested models from reputable companies.
  • Both are well made and have great reviews.
  • Both are designed for fishing and will see them into adulthood and beyond.
  • Both are comparatively lightweight (For fishing kayaks).
  • Both are priced at the lower end of the kayak fishing market yet in terms of quality and features they are exceptional value for money.
  • And as a bonus, both of these are adult kayaks so you can enjoy them too!

Lets compare their features side by side:

Pescador Pro 10Moken 10 Lite
Paddle parkLarge sealed oval front hatch.
Front and rear tankwellsRear tankwell
Rod tip recess
Adjustable footrestsMolded in footrests
Fish finder console with battery zone and drill-free transducer mounting.Center console
Gear tracksGear tracks
Drink holderDrink holder
Molded in side carry handlesMolded in side carry handles
Front and rear carry handlesFront and rear carry handles
Removable and adjustable pro mesh lawn chair style seat with high/low seating positionsNew premium seat
Two molded in rod holdersTwo flush mount rod holders
Bungee cord rear tankwell for securing gearBungee cord on rear gear tracks for 
securing gear
Replaceable skid plate lets you drag without fear of damageWheel in the Keel for easy maneuverability
5in deck plate (Hatch) behind seat, for access to the hullSide mesh pockets

Main Pros for Pescador

  • Ability to stand up
  • Fish finder console
  • Adjustable footrests

Main Pros for Moken

  • Wheel in the Keel
  • Cheaper
  • A little narrower and shorter, possibly a better size for younger paddlers

Which kids fishing kayak would I choose?

If I was choosing for myself I would go for the Pescador. Having a few more features like the option to fit a fishfinder and also the ability to stand up to fish would win it over for me.

Top Tips

Safety First – Having a correctly fitting PFD (Personal Floatation Device) is a must when out on the water. Make sure they are comfortable in the water and capable of re-entry should they happen to go in.

Cost – This will obviously vary depending on your situation. 

If you are ‘testing the waters’ (pun intended) then it’s probably not a good idea to rush out and buy the most expensive setup. If however you know your child will continue to love kayaking then spending a bit more on something that will last more than one or two seasons will be more economical in the long run. Performance wise it will be more enjoyable too.

Weight – Bear in mind that unless your kid has super strength, you will probably be doing most of the lifting and shifting. Aside from dragging the kayak into and out of the water you will likely be doing the rest.

Which leads me to my next point, durability.

Durability – Most kayaks are designed to be durable but not all are created equal. It’s a good idea to check reviews and do some research on the product you’ve settled on before purchasing to check for any durability issues people have raised. The last thing you want is your child’s kayak springing a leak when you’re out on the water!

Also bear in mind that due to the weight of them most kids will have to drag their kayak on land to move it so looking for one that has a tough keel or keel saver is worth considering.

Size – Let’s face it, bigger isn’t always better… Trying to paddle an oversized kayak doesn’t sound like much fun. Match the kayak size to your child’s size and ability and you should have a winning combination.

Maneuverability – Definitely needs some serious consideration as buying a kayak which is appropriate to their ability will keep the joy alive. 

As a general rule, a long kayak will tend to track straighter but be harder to turn. In my experience this is not ideal for a child. By choosing a shorter kayak you give them a greater ability to steer it where they want to go.

Stability – This is fairly obvious and thankfully most kayaks designed for children and beginners tend to be comparably stable. That said, it is still worth checking.

Colour – This may not be so important to you but it could be of immense importance for your child, let’s not overlook the little things.

Features – Probably not a big deal at this stage. There aren’t too many dedicated kids fishing kayaks out there and thankfully with a little DIY you can easily add the bits and pieces that you need. 

This is what I have done with my son’s kayak and for me it has been the best option as I was able to position the items exactly where he needed them.

Recap – Recommended Kids Fishing Kayaks

(Beginners to advanced)

Value for money.

For the budding angler.

One for the little ones who are serious about taking it further.

A larger size, lightweight option.

If you’re looking for a sit-in option here’s one we recommend.

For those with older kids looking for a purpose built fishing kayak but can’t afford the price tag of the next two.

For the older child who is serious about their kayak fishing and is looking for a quality fishing kayak to grow into, we believe you can’t go wrong with either of these two kayaks.

Kids fishing kayak – Final points

Remember, safety first. Make sure they have a well fitting PFD and are comfortable using it.

Choose your kids kayak to suit their ability, buying one they can grow into is a great option as long as it is not at the expense of todays pleasure.

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