Malone kayak trailer –  EcoLight Review

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Malone kayak trailer –  EcoLight Review

Considering Malone’s most affordable kayak trailer?

Me too! I do not enjoy lifting kayaks onto the roof of a vehicle, and with a damaged shoulder it has become necessary to seriously look at alternative ways of transporting our kayaks. Whilst my husband can and does lift kayaks onto the roof racks, I am left in a position of needing help which is sometimes inconvenient and it would be great to be able to independently pack up the kayak and go off by myself sometimes. This Malone kayak trailer ticks all my boxes. 

I found the EcoLight trailer to be an affordable, compact trailer, light enough for me to move about independently and yet strong enough to transport my kayak safely. The reinforced extra-long tongue allows for a maximum kayak length of 14 ft.

I looked at the quality of the trailer, its size and capacity to see if it would meet my requirements, this is what I found.


Number of kayaks: 1-4 Depending on package

Frame material: Marine grade galvanized steel

Weight of trailer: 145lbs

Maximum capacity: 400lbs

Wheels: 8 in

The Malone EcoLight trailer is a kit set trailer, designed with versatility in mind, it can comfortably carry 2 fishing kayaks. It has the potential to carry 4 kayaks, but our fishing kayaks are heavy and bulky, so I would not want to carry more than 2 fishing kayaks on this specific trailer.

This is a good, light compact trailer, strong enough to carry my kayak safely and small enough to be stored easily when not in use. 

Malone Kayak Trailer Quality

We love the quality of the Malone kayak trailers and the EcoLight is no exception.

This trailer is constructed of a marine grade galvanized 11 gauge steel (frame and tongue) with 14 gauge steel crossbars. It is DOT and transport Canada certified and all parts and workmanship carry a 5 year limited warranty. 

The 8” wheels are smaller than those on the MicroSport but are rated to 70 MPH. They still have the marine grade sealed bearings so there is no loss of quality just because the wheels are smaller. 

Size and Capacity

The 10′ 9″ trailer measures 40″ across (excluding fenders) with crossbars measuring 58” and having a fixed spread of 38.5”. This trailer does not have quite the same potential for adjustment as the MicroSport but is a great value basic trailer if you need to transport less than 400lbs.

This kayak trailer, thanks to the extra long tongue, can transport kayaks or crafts up to 14′ in length.

The great thing about a Malone kayak trailer is that they offer various package options. You could pick the basic trailer or choose to add bunks, J racks, V racks or foam blocks. There are multiple options offering plenty of versitility .

This value range trailer comes with a standard DOT approved submersible incandescent light kit which is not as great as an LED light kit, but at this price and with what I am planning to use the kayak for, it is perfectly adequate.

Package options

I love having options and with so many available, which one you choose will depend on any preferences you have and what will best suit the size of your fishing kayak or kayaks.
Here are a few of the options available:

Malone EcoLight Single kayak trailer Package

EcoLight have a single kayak package with 1 set of bunks. The 84” long padded bunks are adjustable in height and angle so can be made to suit a variety of hull styles. The bunks are great for multiple points of contact, supporting your kayak along its length and also provide many points to strap your kayak down. You can make this configuration work practically whatever the shape of your craft, and know that it is well secured. 

Malone EcoLight 2 kayak trailer package MPG586XV

This 2 kayak package includes 2 sets of V-racks. Generally designed for carrying 2 traditional V style hulls side by side. They may work with some pontoon style kayaks though some investigation would be recommended. The supports are adjustable so you can fine tune them to suit your particular kayak.

Malone EcoLight 2 kayak trailer package MPG586XJ

This option provides you with 2 sets of J-style racks which are amazingly versitile for a wide range of kayaks. Again, you can adjust the position of each J-rack to suit your individual kayak needs.

Malone EcoLight 4 Kayak Trailer Package

For completeness, the 4 kayak package uses 1 stacker, 4 sets of foam blocks and 8  load straps. This system works best with medium sized, V- hulled kayaks.

Malone kayak trailer – EcoLight Conclusion

In conclusion, the Malone EcoLight ™ is a great value versatile trailer for loads under 400lbs. It comes with good quality parts, although the lights could be upgraded, and should last for many years. 

The various package options allow you to optimise your trailer to suit your needs and make transporting your kayak a pleasure. I would love to find space for one of these Malone EcoLight trailers in the garage. 

For a Malone kayak trailer that’s affordable and versitile check out the Malone Ecolight here.

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