Malone MicroSport Trailer Review

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Malone MicroSport trailer

After hours of researching trailers, I keep coming back to three important factors: affordability, quality and usefulness.

These kit set trailers are affordable as far as trailers go, and I like that there are different package options which enable you to choose the package which best suits your situation. That means buying specifically what you need and not wasting money on features that are unnecessary.

Considering the cost, I want a product that will last. The 5 year warranty and highly rated customer service add to my peace of mind.

I found the MicroSport to be a great family trailer, not so large that it is ridiculous to use when carrying just 1 kayak, but also big enough to carry a families worth of gear with ease.


  • Kayak range: 1-4 kayaks, or 2 kayaks and 2 bikes
  • 12″ galvanized wheels with marine grade sealed bearings
  • Optional storage options
  • Max kayak length 20 ft
  • 800 lb load capacity
  • Hitch 2” Class II receiver
  • Ball Height: 18″ From Ground – To Top Of Ball
  • Marine grade galvanized frame
  • Length 13′ 3″
  • Width (without crossbars) 55″
  • Crossbar width 78″
  • Weight (without accessories) 197 lb
  • Tongue weight 25 lb
  • DOT approved submersible LED light set
  • 5 year limited warranty
  • Made in USA

I considered the Malone MicroSport trailer from these three aspects: affordability, quality and usefulness. Let’s see how it rates…


This Malone Trailer is an affordable, heavy duty trailer, capable of carrying up to 4 kayaks or 2 kayaks and 2 bikes. It costs more than the EcoLight but has double the load capacity which we need with family kayaking.

When you consider the specifications and features that come with the Malone MicroSport trailer it really is good value for money. The quality of the trailer means that if properly looked after you should get many years of use out of it which makes it a great long term investment.


The Malone kayak trailers are known for their quality. The frame and tongue are constructed from marine grade pre- galvanized 11 gauge steel, resulting in a sturdy, strong trailer that is less likely to warp and twist under your load. The 12” wheels have marine grade sealed bearings and are rated to 75MPH- this trailer is not going to slow you down. All this galvanizing means that it’s also suitable for sumberging in water if you back your kayak to the waters edge for those heavier fishing kayaks.
It also means it’s suitable for saltwater use.

Note: Hosing your trailer down with fresh water after it’s been in contact with saltwater is always good practice.

The cross bars are 1.25” square pre-galvanized 14 gauge steel and 78” long, strong enough to carry up to 4 kayaks. There is even an option to add the MicroSport  2nd Tier Kit with Load Bars to create more space on your trailer.

The plug and play submersible LED lights are DOT approved and come as standard with this trailer. The advantages of LED lights are that they are very energy efficient and more capable of handling bumps and shocks than incandescent lights.


This Malone trailer is so versatile and it comes in various packages so it is easy to get exactly what you need.

The base MicroSport trailer can be purchased simply as it is, or go for the MicroSport XT Trailer which is an upgraded version of the MicroSport with aluminum wheels, aluminum fenders and a retractable tongue kit.

One you have decided on your base model you then start getting into the various packages.

The 2 bunk trailer package comes with of 2 sets of bunks and a spare tire. This large kayak bunk kit is highly recommended for transporting heavy, bulky fishing kayaks, and with the 20’ length capacity of this trailer, this could work well. It also has an astonishing load capacity of 500lbs.

There are three more options if you want to transport up to 2 kayaks. These are the MicroSport 2 kayak trailer packages, and include 2 sets of J-racks (75lb load capacity), 2 sets of MegaWings (75lb load capacity) or 2 sets of Saddle Up Pro (90lb load capacity). Each of these packages comes with a spare wheel. 

If you need a 4 kayak trailer there are a few more options. There is a 2 sets Stackers 4 set Rack Pads option or a 4 sets J-racks option. Finally, if you need to transport kayaks and bikes you could consider the 2 sets J racks and 2 Bike Racks package.

Malone MicroSport Package Options


If you are needing a cheaper alternative to transport a couple of kayaks, and especially if you have your own roof rack attachments, an options would be the Right-on Multi-sport Multi-rack kayak trailer. It has a maximum load capacity of 300lbs and 64” cross bars so should fit 2 kayaks. Check out our review here.

Another alternative would be the Malone EcoLight for 2 kayaks, but potentially even 4. See how the EcoLight stacks up against the MicroSport here.

Malone MicroSport trailer – Summary

In summary, the Malone MicroSport trailer packages offer an affordable way to purchase a well built transport option which suits you and your kayak needs, whether it means sneaking away for a quiet fish by yourself or going on a family holiday with all the gear. Malone MicroSport trailers are a great way to get you comfortably and safely to your destination.

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