Malone MicroSport vs EcoLight kayak trailer

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Malone MicroSport vs EcoLight kayak trailer

Malone produces a range of kayak/sport trailers, and I really like both the MicroSport ™ and EcoLight ™ kayak trailers and have recommended them elsewhere. But what are the actual differences between them? 

Both are kit set trailers, with galvanized frames, 2” ball size, pre tested electrical systems and pre fitted chassis components. Both share a frame width (excluding fenders) of 40” and a width (without crossbars) of 55”. 

The EcoLight ™ is the cheaper of the two trailers. Let’s find out why, and if the MicroSport ™ is worth the extra cash.

Malone MicroSport ™ Kayak Trailer

The Malone MicroSport is a much beefier kayak trailer, bigger, stronger, longer and with double the weight capacity.

If you want the ability to carry multiple fishing kayaks without the fear of overloading your trailer the MicroSport is the one for you.

Whilst both trailers have marine grade galvinized steel frames, the wheels on the MicroSport are also galvanized with marine grade sealed bearings. The galvanised wheels are more suited to saltwater environments, so do take that into account if your kayak fishing involves the sea.

MicroSport is also more versitile as it is compatible with multiple accessories as shown in the table below.

Malone EcoLight ™ Kayak Trailer

The EcoLight is Malone’s most affordable kayak trailer and is a great option particularly with medium sized kayaks.
For vehicle compatibility, note the 14″ ball height and smaller wheels. It also comes with the standard incandescent light kit rather than the LED option. Both options are submersible and should serve you well although the LED set is definitely the more ecofriendly choice.

If you are likely to only carry a couple of fishing kayaks (under 14′) then I feel the Malone EcoLight would be a great option.

The Ecolight can carry more than 2 kayaks but as fishing kayaks are usually fairly heavy please keep in mind the total weight (including accessories) when calculating whether the EcoLight would handle your load safely.  

It is compatible with fewer accessories than the MicroSport but if it does what you need it to do then go for it.

Malone MicroSport and EcoLight Specs side by side

Malone MicroSport ™Malone EcoLight ™
Load capacity: 800lbLoad capacity: 400lb
Weight: 197lbWeight: 145lb
Length: 13’ 3”Length: 10’ 9”
Galvanized Wheels: 12”Powder coated Wheels: 8”
78” load bars 1.25” square pre-galvanized 11 gauge steel58”  load bars 1.25” square pre-galvanized 11 gauge steel
Double leaf springsSingle leaf springs
Plug and play DOT approved submersible LED light kitStandard DOT approved submersible incandescent light kit
Reinforced steel tongue2 piece extended tongue
Cross bar adjustable spread: 44”-63”Cross bar fixed spread: 38.5”
Height of cross bars from ground: 30”Height of cross bars from ground: 26”
Hitch 2” class II receiverHitch 2″ receiver
Ball height: 18” from groundBall height: 14” from ground
Maximum boat length – centered 20’Maximum boat length – centered 14′
Maximum boat length – not centered 18’Maximum boat length – not centered 12′

As you can see the obvious differences shown here are kayak trailer size, load length and capacity.

But that’s not all…

As with all Malone kayak trailers there are multiple attachments you can buy to fully customize them to suit your needs. This makes them fantastically versatile kayak trailers that can be used for a variety of porposes.

There are however, a few accessories which will only fit specific trailers. To keep it simple we have listed compatible trailer accessories below.

Malone MicroSport and EcoLight Compatible Trailer Accessories

Malone MicroSport ™Malone EcoLight ™
MegaWing SOT large fishing kayak wing carrier
12″ Galvanized spare tire with locking attachment
Trailer tongue kick stand
Microsport 2nd tier kit with 50″ load bars
Trailer storage trunk
Fiberglass safety pole
Microsport retractable tongue kit
Megasport floodlight (Hard wired version)
Fishing rod storage tube
Floodlight with magnetic mount
Electrical charging station
Microsport SUP transport pads
Large kayak bunk kit
8″ spare tire with locking attachment
Pilot Tray style bike rack (For trailer only)
Hobie Style craddle adapter (Set of 6)

Malone MicroSport vs EcoLight kayak trailer Summary

These are both great trailers. With the MicroSport you pay more for a greater capacity all round, marine suitable wheels and greater versatility which is what make this one of Malone’s more popular Kayak trailers.

Which Malone Kayak Trailer do we Recommend?

Malone MicroSport!
For around thirty percent more you get a lot more bang for your buck and a lot more versatility as it’s compatible with many more attachments.

That said, if the EcoLight is what fits your budget and weight capacity then we don’t think you’ll be dissappointed.

At the end of the day, the best trailer for you is the one which best meets your needs within your budget. 

Malone MicroSport ™

Malone EcoLight ™

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