Perception Pescador Pro 12.0

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Perception Pescador Pro 12.0 Review


Length: 12 ft
Width: 32.5 in 
Capacity: 375 lb 
Weight: 64 lb 

The Perception Pescador Pro 12.0 – Is it worth the money?

In a nutshell, we think yes. The Pescador Pro fishing kayaks are very popular boats and for good reason.

Good quality, paired with a long warranty (5 years on hull and deck), mean you should get many years use out of it. The Pescador models have stood the test of time and are still popular and well loved today which is a testiment to how good they are.

Add to that, great performance and the ability to perform in a variety of environments and you are onto a winner.

Here’s a quick overview of the good and the not so good…

Good balance of stability and speedRod holders need inserts to function properly
Large open storage areasNot the best for stand up fishing unless you have good balance
Lawn chair style seat for comfortWater under the seat not draing well
Light weight (in comparison)
Trusted Brand
Skid plate. Extra protection if you have to
drag it
Mounting tracks
Adjustable footrests
Deck plate behind seat for access to deck accessory mounting zone
Fish finder console with battery zone and
pre molded drill-free transducer mounting
Compatible with Rudder kit (short pin)

Perception Pescador Pro 12 – Pros


Perception Kayaks are a well known and trusted brand who have been in the business of creating great kayaks for over 40 yrs. They have a reputation for building good quality kayaks at great prices and the Pescador Pro 12 and 10 are no exception. On the Perception website the tagline for the Pescador Pro is ‘Your perfect first fishing kayak’ and many agree. 


Perception kayaks come with a 5 year limited warranty against material or manufacturing defects on the hull and deck and a 1 year on parts accessories and outfitting.

As with all warranties there is specific wording that needs to be read and understood to ensure you have complied with all the specifications that pertain top the warranty. You can find Perception kayaks warranty information here:


Designed to be fast, stable and track well makes them good all-round performers.

Built to be easy to use, fun and versatile, they will tackle flat water and calm coastal waters with ease and are also capable in open water. Just remember to paddle within your means.  


At 64lb they are lighter than many, and although that’s still a fair bit of weight, it certainly helps if car topping is your means of transport not to mention getting it to and from the water. 

Permanent U.S. Coast Guard compliant hull identification number

Please check with the relevant authorities as to your legal requirments regarding your responsibilites.
Some information can be found here at

Rudder compatible

Having a rudder makes a considerable difference to both the performance and manuerverability of the kayak. Check out the short pin rudder kit here.


Great value for money here. Loads of performance, good design, extra features and great quality.

Kayak features

Lawn chair style seat with high/low positions – Extra comfort, when you plan to spend much of your day seated, the comfort of your seat goes a long way! The two different seating positions offer greater versatility.

Paddle park – A fairly standard but very useful feature. Stowing your paddle when not in use gets it out of your way.

Skid plate – Protection if you ever need to drag your kayak to and from the water. An excellent addition which I feel should be standard on all kayaks but sadly is not.

Fishing Features

Gear tracks – Makes attaching all of your accessories much easier.

Rod tip recesses – Easily stow and protect your rods.

Rod holders – A must have on any fishing kayak

Fish finder console – Mount that transducer without needing to put holes in your hull!

Pescador Pro 12.0 vs Pescador 12.0

It’s got some features that set it apart from the more basic model, the Pescador 12.0, which many agree are worth the upgrade.

A removable and adjustable lawn chair style seat is a significant difference. The extra comfort that these types of seats afford is invaluable. Being comfortable allows you to stay out longer and there’s nothing quite so annoying as having to cut your fishing trip short due to discomfort or pain. Believe me I’ve been there.

The extra elevation also helps with casting and sight fishing.

If you plan on using a fish finder it has a pre-molded transducer scupper and is set up for drill free mounting with a small compartment on deck for your battery.


This fishing kayak provides a nice stable paddling platform which makes it ideal for a variety of environments. Pair that with the comfortable seat and you’ve got yourself a very versitile fishing kayak.

As far as standing up to fish… It is possible and definitely depends on your ability. Check out these guys …

Perception Pescador Pro 12 – Cons

Stand-up stability

As mentioned above, for those with the right ability it’s definitely possible to stand up and fish in this kayak though I personally would not class it as an easy stand-up fishing kayak. Again, it all depends on your balancing ability.

If I was looking a more ‘stand-up stable’ fishing kayak I would look at something like the Old Town Topwater 120.

Rod holders

The most mentioned downside is that the molded rod holders aren’t any good as they are. This is because they are designed to take an insert which Perception calls a Rod-X Pro and is sold as an accessory. Though this can be an annoyance you can always modify them to suit your needs. Many anglers customise their kayaks, so for me, as long as I know it’s an issue and it’s very minor, it’s not a deal breaker.

Water Ponding under seat

One issue that has been mentioned is that there are areas that hold water.

One is the molded, tackle box sized storage depression under the front of the seat which has no drainage and the other is under the seat. There are scupper holes under the seat but they are not at the lowest point and in rougher water can also allow water to shoot through them and wet the seat. (I haven’t been able to find out if this issue has been addressed in the current model)

Check out this great diy fix for the wet seat problem.

Perception Pescador Pro 12 too long? Check out the Pro 10

Though we are reviewing the Pescador Pro 12 here we would be remiss if we didn’t mention it’s smaller brother the Pescador Pro 10. If you are looking for the same great kayak in a smaller and lighter package the Perception Pescador Pro 10 is one worth checking out.

Perception Pescador Pro 12.0 – Summary

All things considered, the Perception Pescador Pro 12.0 is a top quality, top performing, fantastic value for money fishing kayak that has been proven for many years. With so many satisfied customers and great reviews you can’t really go wrong with this fishing kayak.

If you require something a bit smaller and lighter they do a Pescador Pro 10 with all the same features but shorter.

For one of Perception’s best selling fishing kayaks check out the Perception Pescador Pro 12.0.

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