Right on Multi Sport Trailer Review

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Right on Multi Sport multi rack trailer review

Looking for a versitile affordable kayak trailer for single or multiple kayaks, perhaps one that can carry a bike or 6? The Right On Multi Sport, Multi Rack kayak trailer is definitely one worth considering.

This Right On trailer is a popular kayak trailer option for those on a budget. It’s lightweight, and the multi rack system gives it great versatility allowing you to carry a range of sporting equipment from kayaks to bikes.


  • Up to 4 kayaks, or 2 kayaks on the bottom and bikes and/or storage box on top
  • Frame material: powder coated steel
  • Weight of trailer: 190lbs
  • Maximum capacity: 300lbs
  • Wheels: 8”

This trailer comes as the standard sports trailer with an additional, removable, top set of racks. The  64” round crossbars are compatible with a number of different racks, handy if you already own racks and simply want to transfer them from your vehicle roof to a trailer. This trailer is designed to work with roof rack pads and Yakima ™ and Thule ™ attachments so you could mix and match to create your perfect trailer!

The Multi sport standard trailer fits two kayaks side by side on the base, but only to a kayak width of 36”. The Multi-sport trailer with Box Rack solves this issue and allows you to transport wider kayaks than 36” on the bottom and gear such as a rocket box and bikes on top.

The Right on Multi Sport kayak trailer is delivered as a kit but If you happen to live in Atlanta, GA you could purchase this trailer assembled.

This trailer has a powder coat finish, soft springs for smoother travel and a fold up locking tongue stand. I like the addition of the tongue stand with the standard package- far easier and safer than balancing the trailer precariously on a convenient rock when it’s not hitched up. There is potentially an issue with the powder coat finish, and that is that any scratches to the paintwork could begin to rust quite quickly.

The basic trailer with or without the box rack has a maximum load capacity of 300lb. The recommended maximum speed of this trailer is 60 MPH.

 Can I back this trailer into the water?

According to the Right on website, under the FAQ tab – “yes you can. The lights and bearings can handle water immersion (Right-On Trailer suggests that you disassemble, inspect, and repack wheel bearings with automotive grease yearly or every 4000 miles.)”

Should I back this trailer into the water?

In our opinion definitely avoid salt water, and with fresh water I personally would also avoid it if possible. Trailers that are not galvanized, nor aluminum will rust out much faster if they are submerged in water, particularly salt water.
A galvanized kayak trailer will cost you more initially but will last much longer making it a better investment in the long run.

Alternatively, you could consider investing in a kayak cart to transport your kayak from the trailer to the water.

Right on Multi Sport Kayak Trailer – Summary

All in all, the Right-on Multi-spot Multi- rack trailer is a versatile budget trailer, very useful for carrying a couple of kayaks or a combination of kayaks and bikes.

I like that the box rack is removable and has the ability to carry bikes as well. I don’t especially like the potential rust issue but with a bit of care and application of a suitable primer, this could still be a great little trailer for the price.

Check out the latest price of the Right on Multi Sport Multi Rack kayak trailer here

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