Suspenz Airless END Kayak Cart

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Suspenz Airless END Kayak Cart

Welcome to our review of the Suspenz Airless END Kayak Cart, our offering for the END kayak cart category. The END kayak carts operate with minimal stress – simply slip the end of the kayak into the cart, lift up your end, and go.


These kayak carts are quick and easy to use as they avoid the lengthy tie down process. Simply

This is a kayak cart style which is designed to slip over one end of your kayak, essentially taking the place of a second person to help transport your kayak. These are not designed to take the full weight of your kayak and as such have a much lower load rating.
Here is an excerpt from the manufacturers website regarding this. “…if your Kayak is greater than 80 lbs. we recommend a CENTER Cart which carries all the weight.  An END Cart carries about half of the weight, much like when two people carry the kayak.”



The frame consists of a powder coated aluminium which is great for corrosion resistance. It also has stainless steel hardware which is a plus for me as some manufacturers skimp here and use steel bolts which rust out too easily.

There are two options for the width of this cart- the extra large option has a 24” wide frame and the large option is 19”. The top bar is adjustable between 11- 20”. 

The extra large frame is generally recommended for fishing kayaks, but I would measure the width of my kayak and see just how far up the kayak I could position this cart. Depending on the width of your kayak, you may not be able to slide your kayak very far into the cart, and this is a consideration because the closer to the end of your kayak this cart sits, the more weight you are going to need to lift yourself. The boys’ lesson yesterday on levers and force has obviously made an impression on me too!


The 10” wheels use airless tires. Larger wheels like this can often handle bumpy terrain more comfortably that smaller wheels as they have better clearance.


The cart weighs 13/14 lbs, the large frame has an opening of 19” and the extra large frame has an opening of 24”. The vertical opening is adjustable from 12 – 18 inches.

Which size will fit my kayak?

According to the manufacturer, measure the width of your kayak one fifth (20%) of the way in from the end. If it is wider than 19″ at this point then the xtra large model is the correct size. If your kayak is narrower than 19″ at this point, Large is the correct size.

Also important to note: If your kayak is less than 20” wide at the center, then End Carts are not suitable.


It has a load capacity of 150 lbs. Bear in mind, if it is correctly fitted it won’t be taking the full weight of your kayak.


Limited compatibility, specifically with much larger and heavier fishing kayaks.
See comments in the measurements section above.


If you are needing a heavy duty kayak cart, check out the Wilderness Systems heavy duty kayak cart. It has an extremely large load capacity, 450 lbs! The frame material is marine-grade, high-strength, heat-treated aluminium alloy making it a good choice for salt water exposure.
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The GanFindX Heavy Duty Kayak Cart is a cheaper alternative.
Featuring a weight capacity of 220 lb, it has ‘no-flat’ wheels and it’s width is adjustable (up to 14.6”).
The aluminium frame is detachable and collapsable for easier transport. 
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The NZ made Railblaza C Tug kayak cart is a similarly priced cart. Fairly versitile and made with corrosion resistant materials which make it a good option for salt water environments, easy and tool free assembly and disassembly, puncture free wheels with standard or SandTrakz options to choose from.
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The Suspenz Airless END kayak cart is a quick, easy loading cart option, and whilst the weight capacity of 150 lbs is not the highest capacity in the world, should your kayak and gear fall under this weight, the ease of use just might make this a winner.

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