Suspenz Kayak Cart – all terrain SD airless

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Suspenz All-Terrain SD Airless Kayak Cart

Welcome to our review of the Suspenz All-Terrain Super Duty Airless Kayak Cart, engineered for heavy watercraft and varying hulls shapes.

As a not so young kayaker I’m always interested in finding the best ways to make transporting heavy kayaks easier.

The large load capacity of the Suspenz All-Terrain SD Airless Kayak Cart is a huge selling point, so if you need a kayak cart that can handle a heavy load the Suspenz All-Terrain SD Airless Kayak Cart could be what you’re looking for. For freshwater anglers this is a great option and a popular cart. Highly rated and versatile with a 300 lbs weight capacity it ticks most of the boxes, but not all.

Let’s check out the features and even some potential negatives below.



This all terrain, super duty kayak cart from Suspenz has a decent 300 lb capacity to confidently shift heavy fishing kayaks. The actual cart weighs 17 lbs and folds down flat for storage. It won’t fit in our kayak hatch but can be strapped to the outside with a bungee strap.


The frame is powder coated steel which should be fine for freshwater environments but is a downside for me as I predominately kayak in salt water. At this price point I personally would go for the Wilderness Systems heavy duty kayak cart which is designed for marine environments.


The 15” wheels with sealed wheel bearings should make light work of rough terrain on the way to and from the water and there is no need to worry about punctures with the airless tires. I love the clearance offered by big wheels but the tradeoff is that that the centre of gravity is now higher which leaves you with more potential to tip over. That said, the benefits outweigh the risk in my opinion. Having greater ground clearance is a plus when navigating uneven, rough terrain and with a little care the risk of tipping can be minimised greatly.

Kickstand and Straps

The cart has a spring-loaded kickstand to make loading easier and comes with 2 extra long cam straps which attach at 4 points on the frame. This dual strap system helps keep your kayak firmly secured to the cart, something to be appreciated as you bump along.


The bunk bars are covered in a thick heavy duty foam and are adjustable with the option of 5 different positions. The platform that the bunks create ranges from 9” to 20” wide, and with this the wheel clearance changes- from 2” clearance at 9” up to 4” clearance at 20” wide. The size options for the platform are 9”, 11-½”, 12-½”, 19” and 20” and the clearance is 2”, 3-¾”, 4”, 4” and 4” respectively.

Suspenz has now introduced XL bunker bars which add another 2” clearance making this even more versatile.


There are a few things to note here though the first two are not necessarily negatives but a result of intentional engineering.
This Suspenz kayak cart is designed to be robust to handle the 300 lbs load capacity and therefore by necessity is quite bulky and pricey in comparison to some cheaper kayak carts out there.

Tools are required for assembly and disassembly which if you’re like me and like your kayak cart stowed onboard with you then this is a bit of an issue, not a deal breaker but it’s a bit more fiddly than I would like.

Lastly, and this will only be an issue for some, the frame is powder coated steel which is not suitable for salt water.


As Mentioned, if you’re looking for a heavy duty kayak cart that can do all the above but in salt water environments too, check out the Wilderness Systems heavy duty kayak cart. It has a larger load capacity, 450 lbs! And the frame material is marine-grade, high-strength, heat-treated aluminum alloy making it a good choice for salt water exposure.
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The GanFindX Heavy Duty Kayak Cart is a much cheaper kayak cart, a good option for those on a budget.
Featuring a weight capacity of 220 lb, it has ‘no-flat’ wheels and it’s width is adjustable (up to 14.6”).
The aluminium frame is detachable and collapsable for easier transport. 
If your kayak and gear are going to be within this weight limit, this cart may be a good alternative for you.
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The NZ made Railblaza C Tug kayak cart is another popular and cheaper option. All corrosion resistant materials make it a good option for salt water environments, easy and tool free assembly and disassembly, puncture free wheels with standard or SandTrakz options to choose from.
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In summary, the popular Suspenz All-Terrain SD Airless Kayak and Canoe Cart is a strong, stylish all-terrain cart suitable for large watercraft and heavy loads, with wheel clearance sure to take you well off the beaten track.

Is this a good cart? We would say yes, a definite option for freshwater provided you are aware of the frame composition. Steel will eventually rust so with a little maintenance this should serve you well.
However we would not recommend this if you kayak in and around salt water environments. If this is you we recommend checking out our wilderness systems kayak cart review as it is much better suited to marine environments.

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