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Wilderness Systems Heavy Duty Kayak Cart

Welcome to our review of the Wilderness Systems heavy duty kayak cart, engineered to transport the heaviest kayaks – up to 450 pounds!

Like me, when you begin to journey into the world of kayak fishing it doesn’t take long to realise that transporting the kayak to and from the water is one of the less pleasant aspects of kayaking.

The good news is that it doesn’t have to be like this, the right gear, like this Wilderness Systems kayak cart can make a huge difference to the amount of work you have to do.
Kayak carts are especially important when you don’t have another person to help carry everything or if you need to cover a large distance. They can also drive you to distraction if it doesn’t work well with your fishing kayak, so it really pays to do your research.

The Wilderness Systems heavy duty kayak cart is highly valued but it does come with a price tag to match. Its carrying capacity is spectacular, and even as a kayak fisherman known to ‘need’ a great deal of gear, I would still struggle to come anywhere near this limit.

This review will look at the specifics of this cart, helping you determine if this cart should be one of your options. Bear in mind that before you start to look for a kayak cart, it is very important to know the shape and width of the hull of your kayak. It just might save you deciding on one that won’t suit your setup. 


Huge load capacity is what this kayak cart is all about. Quality materials and great innovation also come into play here but as said, it doesn’t come cheap.

The Wilderness Systems kayak cart really fills a niche when it comes to heavy fishing kayaks. This is where I think this cart excells. Big kayaks and loads of gear equal heavy! This cart is robust and corrosion resistant with a generous amount of adjustability. Good for either freshwater or saltwater use.
Sound too good to be true? Lets check out the features and even some possible negatives…



The Wilderness Systems kayak cart is definitely ‘heavy duty’. Solidly built from marine grade, high strength, heat treated aluminium alloy and is thus suitable for salt water. It weighs a pretty light 13 lbs and can be dismantled for storage on or in your kayak. There are quite a few small pieces so I would not recommend dismantling over grass or water! 


The 450 lb carrying capacity really sets this cart apart from the rest. If you need to change over to the beach wheels option the weight limit drops to a still decent 330lbs. Our fishing kayaks are well below this, but if you are lucky enough to own something heavy like a pedal driven fishing kayak, you could very well need this option.


The two height options for the rail are pretty clever- they are the result from being able to mount the rail either on top of or underneath the axle. This gives you a further 2” height which is helpful keeping your kayak free of the wheels. The height of this cart then is 16 or 18”.

The distance between the rails is adjustable up to 16”, allowing you to position them snugly against your kayak. Another great thing about rails is that if snugly fitted against the hull, they reduce that wildly annoying tendency for the kayak to twist in the cart and then fall out. 


This kayak cart can be purchased with either the 12” flat-free wheels, 13″ beach wheels or both in the same package.
The larger size is great for easier movement through rough terrain and is a definite plus in my opinion. The large balloon style beach wheels are a good option if you are going to be needing to travel over soft sand.
Both wheel types are interchangeable and fit the same frame.


The supplied bolts/hardware are not stainless steel and hence can rust easily. Obviously they can be swapped out for stainless bolts if it becomes an issue.

Though most people don’t have any problems, some have a little trouble loading their kayaks onto this cart and would like to see some sort of kickstand added.

Similar to the Suspenz cart mentioned below the next two points are really a result of intentional engineering.
The Wilderness Systems cart is designed to be robust to handle the huge 450 lbs load capacity and therefore by necessity are a little heavier and quite pricey in comparison to some other kayak carts out there.


Should you not require quite as much weight capacity, or if the height and width adjustments are just not going to suit your kayak, there are a few alternatives. 

The GanFindX Heavy Duty Kayak Cart is a much cheaper kayak cart, a good option for those on a budget.
Featuring a weight capacity of 220 lb, it has ‘no-flat’ wheels and it’s width is adjustable (up to 14.6”).
The aluminium frame is detachable and collapsable for easier transport. 
If your kayak and gear are going to be within this weight limit, the GanFindZ may be a good alternative for you.
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Another option could be the Suspenz All Terrain Super Duty Airless Cart. It is comparative pricewise to the Wilderness Systems cart and has a decent 300 lb capacity. This cart has a decent amount of adjustability and wheel clearance with airless tires too. Another feature is the spring-loaded kickstand to make loading by yourself easier.
A caution here though is the frame material- it’s powder coated steel, so I wouldn’t recommend this for salt water use. 
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Of course I would be remiss not to mention the NZ made Railblaza C Tug kayak cart, Another popular and cheaper option. All corrosion resistant materials make it a good option for salt water environments, easy and tool free assembly and disassembly, puncture free wheels with standard or SandTrakz options to choose from. Click here for our C Tug kayak cart review.


In summary, the Wilderness Systems Heavy Duty Kayak Cart is an absolute beast of a kayak cart, solid, well built and cleverly designed, able to transport up to 450 lbs of gear. Suitable for most environments, it really is in a class of it’s own. If you need something to haul those large fishing kayaks down to the water we highly recommend this cart.

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